Welcome to Vocational Learning, a provider of life changing and career enhancing qualifications. We deliver a number of accredited qualifications including teacher training, assessor, internal verifier, childcare, health and social care.

Our ethos is to make a difference, breaking learning barriers and providing value for money services. The prices we state on our web site include registration, support, assessment, moderation, and certification. There are no hidden charges.

We have also combined a number of qualifications to enable you to receive discounts compared to when enrolling individually. There are also discounts for candidates enroling as a group at the same time.

We rely on providing an honest transparent service. There are no surprises regarding how we deliver our courses. On sign up both the candidate and Vocational Learning sign a service level agreement, which outlines our commitment and responsibilities. All candidates are required to actively participate in the planning and assessment process. After initial assessment and induction, your assessor will draft a holistic assessment plan that reflects your needs.

We treat all candidates as our learning and development partners. Our distance learning courses do not mean we just give you access and leave you to your fate. We always allocate a tutor on enrolment who will also be your assessor. All candidates will also have access to peer learning and can interact with other candidates. There are also regular teaching and support sessions delivered by web conference and telephone.

Our blended learning is delivered similar to distance learning. There is, however, a requirement for face-to-face contact within your workplace, ours or both. All candidates regardless of their enrolment type are welcome to participate in our monthly face-to-face sessions.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs. We are also happy to give you time-limited pre-enrolment access to explore our learning management system (Access) which hopefully will acquaint you with our course delivery, content, support and many other factors which hopefully will enable you to make an informed decision. We do not pressurise candidates to enrol or use marketing gimmicks and smart words.

Vocational Learning guarantees all candidates will be signed off and achieve their qualification as long as all course requirements are met.

Teacher Training

Get into teaching and inspire the next generation. Our teacher training courses will enable you to understand pedagogy and balance theories and practice. You will be expected to be professional and build on your reflective skills.

We deliver all education and training courses from level 3 to 5 including the specialist ESL, English, literacy and Numeracy qualifications. You do not need a degree to be able to qualify as a teacher and apply for QTLS.

Assessor Training

As an assessor, you support candidates to demonstrate competence and essential skills.

Your role will be to inspire your candidates and use a range of assessment methods to demonstrate competency. You will play and important role of ensuring only those who have met the assessment criteria and learning outcomes are signed off. Our qualifications are regulated and enable you to become a professional NVQ, Vocational and Apprentice Assessor.

Verifier Training

As an internal verifier (moderator) you will have the task of safeguarding qualifications and implementing quality assurance. You will also need to ensure candidates are fully supported, treated fairly and have access to resources that will enable them to succeed.

Your role will also require you to ensure your organisation is complaint with all regulators. You will be expected to standardise the assessment process, support your assessors and promote a conducive learning environment.

Health and Social Care

Our health and social care courses are aimed at both the frontline and management. It is important to embrace the care value base and ensure you work within both internal and external requirements.

Our courses are recognised by Ofsted, CQC and local authorities. They focus on evidence based practice and the theory that underpins your practice. Focus will also be on professionalism, customer service, communication,anti-discrimination, anti-oppressive, team work and the need for due diligence.

Child Care Courses

Our childcare courses are recognised by regulators such as Ofsted, local authorities, underpinned by current evidence practice and theories. Strong links are made to the Early years framework and Regulation 46 (where applicable). We also address convention rights and make links to all government initiatives such as healthy eating, safe guarding and change4life.

The courses will address your role and responsibilities, multi-agency working, communication,professionalism, health and safety.

Available Courses

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