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Accredited Qualifications

Accredited Courses

Vocational Learning provides accredited courses and qualifications. These are OFQUAL, government regulated courses that are awarded by awarding bodies.

OFQUAL has been in the news lately regarding some English GSCC results? Do you remember the teachers complaining and accusing awarding bodies of changing the goal posts? The hierarchy structure which was illustrated by this fiasco from the regulator to student is the same that applies to us.

OFQUAL regulates all the awarding bodies we use. We implement and deliver the courses which the awarding bodies provide just like schools, colleges and some universities. Your certificate comes from the awarding bodies just like GCSES and BTEC’s.

What are the benefits to the learner?

The core benefit is that by achieving an accredited qualification through us you are assured you have achieved a nationally recognised qualification. This will be the same qualification delivered by your local college possibly with a ridiculously long duration to justify higher fees or funding. All our courses are on the framework and will come with credits which can be transferred to other courses. All awarding bodies will accept the credit regardless of which body you earned them from. All awarding bodies which are registered and regulated by Ofqual are considered equivalent. There is no superior awarding body. Just like how it is with GSCC and certificates, there is no certificate which is considered superior.

We work with the following well recognised awarding body.

TQUK is one of the fastest growing Awarding bodies. They provide qualifications that are unique and well known for being flexible and responsive.