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Bleaded Learning Courses

What is blended Learning?

Majority of the courses delivered by Vocational Learning are by blended learning, which is a mixture of online study and face-to-face contact (workshops, tutorials and observations in the work place). The online study part of the course allows distance learning.

Candidates have the option of having an online induction, which can be by web conference or attend a face-to-face workshop. Main course delivery especially for theory content is delivered through online. Candidates have the opportunity of participating on forums and any of the scheduled workshops.

The idea of a blended learning approach is to allow flexibility and give candidates who due to other commitments or geographical location cannot attend conversional classroom based courses. This is not a short cut, as the course curriculum will still need to be the same standard as other delivery methods. Candidates are therefore encouraged to utilise all the learning opportunities available. If you fail to engage with the learning process there is a risk of failure!

Although we use blended learning, candidates still also have the opportunities of being assessed by a range of assessment methods such as observations, professional discussions, witness and expert testimonies, assignments, observation of practice and work products?

Why Blended learning?

Use of technology is highly encouraged in learning and development as it fits in very well with the notion of functional skills and the minimum core skills. Blended learning has the potential of giving access or promoting inclusion to candidates who would have not had access due to a number of reasons such as other commitments as highlighted above. Blended learning has developed over the past few years due to the development of technology. Other advantages include 24-hour access to resources and flexibility and cost effectiveness compared to travelling for classroom sessions.

The main disadvantage regarding this type of delivery is that the candidate should be committed and have a lot of self motivation as some of the features of a classroom environment can not always be reproduced by blended learning such as bouncing ideas instantly and a sense of belongingness when in the company of others. Vocational Learning has tried to address this by facilitating peer web conferences and hosting optional workshops for those who want to be in a classroom environment now and again.