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Information about combined courses

Combined Courses

We have combined some courses which are similar to enable our candidates to increase their skills base and occupational experience. This initiative is to also reduce that would have been incurred by enrolling on individual courses.

Some of the qualifications will share units which will result in you meeting at least two qualifications at the same time. Some qualifications will require being treated individually if they do not share units or are at a different level and when the subject is very much different.You will achieve separate certificates for each of the combined qualifications. For example the assessor courses and internal moderation courses. One focuses on candidates while the other on staff.

Please look out under Enrolment (Costs and Signing up) to see if your course has any combined options on offer. This is located at the bottom of each course web page. The link will look like below:

combined courses

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require a combination we do not currently offer. Where courses greatly differ in context we will consider applying a discount under our multiple course booking policy.