Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of our frequently asked questions on this page. If you have any questions not covered here or require further clarification please feel free to contact us using the details found here.

How do l enrol?

You will need to enrol from the course web page. Once you have chosen your enrolment method please click on "Book" and follow all the steps highlighted on this page.

Do you accept instalments?

We accept instalments for all courses longer than four weeks. Each course has an instalment payment schedule published on its web page. All instalments are payable monthly. We are also open to consider alternative instalments terms. Please feel free to make an offer by sending us an email or completing the form found on our Contact web page.

What is included in the course price?

The prices we state on our website apply for your entire enrolment duration. This includes registration, support, assessment, moderation, and certification. There are no hidden charges.

Do you accept prior learning?

One of the first assessment method we embrace is recognisition of prior learning. We accept any evidence which fully meets the assessment criteria. All evidence should be authentic, reliable, current and sufficient.

How soon can l get access after payment?

We usually set you up within 12 working hours after getting a confirmation of payment. The first step will be allocation of an assessor who will also be your tutor. You will then be given access to resources and your coursework. You will be expected to participate in an induction session. There is an expectation that you will actively participate in the learning and development process. We encourage all candidates to fully participate in planning and assessment activities to ensure we address your needs and support you to achieve your qualification.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a mixture of distance learning and some face to face interactions. Blended learning is suitable for all courses that are work based or require evidence of practice. Blended learning could also include classroom attendance. More information about Blended learning is found here.

What is my course duration?

Your course duration is stated on the course homepage. Assessors will also state your expected course end date on your holistic assessment plan. It is possible to complete earlier as long as you meet all course requirements. You can also request an extension using the appropriate form located on Access. Extensions can either be free or chargable depending on circumstances. Extensions and enrolments fall under the remit of the our admin. Only our admin can grant extensions and modify your enrolment details.

Which assessor course should l enrol on?

There are at least four different assessor courses aimed at different audiences such as those wanting to just understand the theory of assessing, assessors based in a classroom, workplace or both. More information is found here.

Which Internal Quality Assurance course should l enrol on?

There are at least three internal moderator courses. The first one is mainly theory for those who just wanted to have an understanding of internal quality assurance. The next two enable candidates to become internal verifiers and lead moderators respectively. More information is found here.

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