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Group Booking Courses

Group Booking

Vocational Learning welcomes group bookings. We provide discounts for groups of four or more people booking on our courses at the same time. Discounts also apply to candidates who book on two or more courses at the same time.

How are we able to provide discounts?

We are able to provide discounts for group bookings and multiple-course bookings due to a number of factors such as reduced costs on course activities such as travel,delivery and assessment.

Our discounts for multi-course bookings are also influenced by the fact that a number of courses share a number of units or content.

Why are your courses priced lower than others?

It is one of our organisational goal to offer cost effective services. We believe in holistic assessment and have experience of delivering our courses effectively. Our course delivery and assessment activities are also designed to utilise technologies as much as possible.

Please feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote using any of our contact detail.