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Advice and Guidance Courses

Learning and Development & Advice and Guidance Courses

Learning and development has been a subject at the centre of maintaining and improving skills for organisations. The subject area is normally rooted in the organisation’s aim and objectives and mission statement.The main aim is to ensure employees have the skills and competences to perform their job effectively.

A good learning and development strategy audits current structures in search of gaps. Once gaps have been found a plan is put in place to develop opportunities  and address weaknesses. The audit is not just there to identify. It is there to also identify areas strengths with the view of maintaining and improving these areas.Vocational Learning offers a number of courses in learning in development which includes the assessor, internal  and external quality assurance awards. We also offer the stand alone level 3 and 4 in learning and development.

Vocational Learning delivers both the Level 3 and 4 in advice and guidance.

The information and resources you provide must be of a quality standard and usually evidence based or from reputable sources. It will not be appropriate to give wrong or  misleading information  which can have a number of effects such as raising false hopes or generating lack of trust for your profession, self and organisation. Practiomners should be committed to their personal and professional development. You should have a wealth of knowledge to be able to inspire, motivate and give hope. You should be professional and aware of your boundaries with clients and other professionals.

1] Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development (RQF)

The Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development award provides an introduction which is extended and consolidated in the certificate. The qualifications provide an opportunity for learners' competence to be confirmed.

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2] Level 4 Diploma in Learning and Development (RQF)

This Level 4 Diploma in Learning and Development aims to develop learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills as required to work in learning and development. This course has a number of optional units which feed into other qualifications such as the award in education and training, assessor and internal quality assurance.

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