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Level 4 Advice and Guidance

Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance Qualification

The Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance provides candidates with the skills, knowledge and understanding to work in advice and guidance. The mandatory units cover interacting with clients, legislation and procedures, operating within networks, managing their personal case load and evaluate and developing their own contribution to the service. Candidates also have access to a range of optional units to suit their job role and personal development needs.

Vocational Learning encourages candidates to submit naturally occurring evidence from their work environment to demonstrate competency against the practical requirements of the course. We welcome other evidence such as prior learning and do not just rely on assignments. This can include schemes of work, assessment reports, course resources and communication records. The course has a 213 guided learning hours requirement. The total qualification time is 370 hours. You are usually expected to complete this course within 10 to 30 weeks depending on the combination of units you have selected.

Course Structure

To be awarded the Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance qualification you will be expected to achieve a minimum 37 credits. 17 credits will be from the mandatory five units. You will be expected to achieve the remining 20 credits by completing units 6 to 11 or choosing your own optional units. At least 19 credits have to be at least level 4 or above. Our standard units for the course are as follows:

Unit 1: Understand the importance of legislation and procedures
Unit 2: Develop interactions with advice and guidance clients
Unit 3: Manage personal case load
Unit 4: Evaluate and develop own contribution to the service
Unit 5: Operate within networks
Unit 6: Support clients to make use of the advice and guidance service
Unit 7: Liaise with other services
Unit 8: Provide and maintain information materials for use in the service
Unit 9: Provide support for other practitioners
Unit 10: Design information materials for use in the service
Unit 11: Negotiate and maintain service agreements

You are free to choose your own optional units instead of units 6 to 11 listed above.

Course Delivery and Support

The course is delivered by either blended learning or as classroom based. You are expected to meet all course requirements regardless of the method of delivery. There should be evidence of learning and meeting all the assessment criteria.

Fast track is also available to candidates who can work at a faster pace and have access to learning opportunities. You will also be expected to have the capacity to meet all course requirements within a shorter time scale and ideally have evidence of prior learning.


This is the ideal course delivery as it allows all practical requirements to be demonstrated and observed in realtime. All course requirements will need to be completed within the classroom.

Blended Learning

This mode of learning is ideal for candidates who want to complete part of the course by distance learning. All practical requirements of the course will need to be demonstrated or carried out either during classroom attendance or observed in realtime by video.

Distance Learning

This mode of learning is ideal for candidates who want to complete the course entirely or mostly by distance learning. Evidence of practice will however need to be provided in the form of work products, expert witnesses, observations or any other appropriate and suitable method that demonstrates your competency.

All candidates will be allocated an assessor on enrolment and given access to coursework, resources and learning opportunities. Course events include forums, web conferences, and face-to-face sessions.


The Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance is assessed by a portfolio of evidence which you have to compile and submit at the end of the course. The assessment process will involve a range of methods such as prior learning, assignments, reflective accounts, witness statements, questioning observations of practice and work products.

You will normally be expected to complete two assignments and a reflective account. Your remaining assessments will be made from learning logs, work products and other appropriate evidence that reflect your competency and skills when it comes to advice and guidance.

How long is the course?

We are often asked how quick someone can complete this course? This depends on a number of factors which includes your own commitment, the quality of your evidence, time, learning and assessment opportunities and your ability to study at a high level.

Candidates joining the course with evidence of prior learning and credits from other qualifications will obviously be able to complete quicker than someone without. If you invest more time on the course such as 15 hours a week then you will most likely complete earlier compared to someone who commits less time. On the other hand if you find yourself needing more time than the curse duration you can negotiate for more time during your initial assessment planning. You can also apply for extensions.

Please bear in mind that you will be required to evidence learning and participate in course activities. This is a regulated qualification that will be quality assured and monitored by awarding bodies and Ofqual. We however expect you to complete the course within 10 to 30 weeks.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirement. You will be expected to have basic numeracy and literacy equivalent to level 3.

You are also expected to have access to the internet, multimedia computer, printer and a word processor that can open and produce Microsoft Word Documents ending with the extension ‘.doc’. Candidates without Microsoft office are advised to consider free software such as Open Office. You, however, need to ensure your documents are saved and submitted for assessment as word documents ending with the extension ‘.doc’?

What it means studying at Level 4?

You will be assessed at the same level as someone completing the first year of an undergraduate degree. Achievement at Level 4 reflects the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to complete tasks and address problems that, while well defined, have a measure of complexity. It includes taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks and procedures as well as exercising autonomy and judgment within limited parameters. You will be expected to use references and reflect an awareness of different perspectives or approaches within your area of study or work.

What can you do after this qualification?

The qualification can be used in its entirety. You can go on to complete the Level 4 Award in Skills in Evaluating Careers Guidance Programmes in a Learning Environment, Level 4 Certificate in Skills in Managing Careers Guidance in a Learning Environment, Level 4 Certificate in Career Advice and Guidance, Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development or any other higher education courses.

Enrolment (Costs and Signing up)

Please only book if you fully meet all course entry requirements. The course fee includes registration, support, learning opportunities, assessments, moderation and certification. There are no hidden fees. You are only enrolled when we receive payment for your booking. Payment is normally expected within 5 days from your booking. We are however flexible with corporate bookings where this time could be extended subject to arrangement. We also consider alternative customised instalment payments. Please feel free to propose a payment arrangement that meet your needs. The full cost of the course is £800. You can also use a payment plan by making a deposit of £215 and three monthly instalments. Each instalment will be £215.