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Course Guarantee

Success Guarantee

We guarantee all candidates who fully meet all course requirements will be signed off and achieve their qualification as long asour three-point test highlighted below is satisfied:

Point One

You should be a genuine candidate who is willing to work hard, follow standardised activities. Remember, our relationship is that of a training provider and candidate. Although you are a customer, you are a candidate first which comes with ownership and responsibilities. As long as you fully embrace your candidate role, we will exercise our duty of care to support you until your qualification is achieved.

Point Two

Our working relationship needs to demonstrate how we both meet regulatory requirements and promote the integrity of qualifications and our courses. Payment of a course does not guarantee you will be signed off without demonstrating your learning and evidence that is sufficient, reliable, current, valid and authentic. You are enrolling not to buy a qualification but to earn it.

Point Three

You need to enrol with the commitment to fully meet all learning outcomes and assessment criteria. All your evidence should fully demonstrate depth of knowledge and understanding relevant to the level of the qualification. All work-based activities should clearly evidence your competence and skills.

We guarantee that as long as you meet our three-point test highlighted above, you will be signed off and achieve your qualification.