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Information about NVQS

Why set deadlines?

We are aware that there are a number of providers that advertise courses with no end duration and seem to promise the earth. Vocational Learning believe's this approach is dishonest and not practical.

We carefully plan and state the expected duration of every course depending on a number of factors such as content, research, course specification, guided learning hours and total qualification time. Vocational learning believes in honesty and the need for deadlines due to a number of reasons.

The first being the need to ensure that all evidence is current, reliable and sufficient. We expect all evidence to be at least a year old. Remember if you leave it too late and there are changes such as legislation then your evidence will not be current, reliable and sufficient.

Management of Courses

The second reason is the management of the course and your registration. Offering registration and support which is infinite is not only dishonest but also a receipt for disaster. First of all awarding body registration is not infinite.

Secondly, it will become difficult to manage our courses if we do not know how many candidates are active at a particular time. Your assessors will lose the ability to help you with goal setting and targets.  This will also have an impact on your motivation levels as  it will become easy to focus on other competing interests in your life. Allowing you to have an infinite time on the course might also be setting you to fail. Time managment is a key skill which we have to embed throughout our courses as part of our wider skills initiative. There are also courses such as the Assessor, Internal Quality Assurance, Teacher training which require good time managment. Being unable to meet this might suggest you will not be able toto manage time with your own learners.

It will be difficult for us to offer discounted pricing as there will be  risks of our costs going up if candidates can end up being supported for much longer than originally  planned. This has an impact on the quality of the course, running of the organisation and employment of staff.

Not having deadlines is very much similar to us being a restaurant that offers you to pay for a meal and in return, you can visit as many times as long as you want for an infinite time.

Vocational Learning will always extend your course within the awarding body time frame were there is genuine candidate needs such as extenuating circumstances.