Why Vocational Learning?

We do not claim to be simply the best as words can easily be abused. We would rather be judged or rely on people who use our services to pass their opinion about us! Most qualifications delivered by Vocational Learning have been awarded direct claim status where-by once our internal moderator confirms you have met all course criteria we can request your certificate from the awarding body. There is no waiting for months for your certificate to be claimed. We have our own in-house based internal moderators! In fact all our assessors are also qualified internal moderators or working towards achieving the qualification.

Vocational Learning is commitment to be your learning and development partner, which starts by having your best interests at heart. We would always provide advice and guidance regarding the best course of action even if it means signposting you to another provider.

We do not use sales people and have any aggressive approaches just to get you to sign up. Vocational Learning believes in providing as much information as possible so that you can make up your own informed choice whether to sign up or not. We are happy to give you access to preview course content and resources prior to enrolment.

We also aim to provide competitive pricing due to the teaching and course delivery approaches we use. For example using technology such as a web conferences instead of hosting face-to-face meetings. The savings are then reflected in how much our courses cost.

We have experience of delivering courses to other training providers and colleges, which makes it easy when delivering courses to fellow professionals working in those sectors.

Vocational Learning is a progressive provider who have embedded the whole ethos of evidence based practice, research and developing services that meet needs and address any deficiency areas when it comes to skills. We value the notion of occupational competency and invest a lot to allow our staff to participate in continuous professional development activities (CPD). We do not just employ staff with minimum qualifications but exceed these by hiring professionals who will be able to promote and provide wider professional practice to our candidates.

We aim to be flexible and do facilitate a number of learning opportunities such as online forums, web conferences, face-to-face workshops, peer workshops and tutorials. Assessments are normally carried out using a range of assessment methods and often encourage the involvement of employers, collegues and clients.

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